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Forever shrouded beneath the canopy of mystery and intrigue, for millennia humans have sought out and attempted to announce the discovery of the "fountain of youth".  Scholars, archeologists, theorists and historians alike each claim that such a pool of life-rejuvenating magnificence exists somewhere. Perhaps they know something we don't, or perhaps they grew up wanting a little too much to be like the character, Indiana Jones. However, if you are one of our extended family you have the knowledge to say to anyone - "Yes, I have discovered the fountain of youth. I searched the deserts, hoping to discover an oasis whose waters were unlike others. It was there I found it. Its desert shield hanging high above El Paseo in Palm Desert, California, the place where that shield first rose almost thirty years ago.                          DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE".

In this section of our website you will find regular original articles on health and wellness, as well as spotlight features on our various products. It's a health enthusiasts dream, and mainstream medicine's nightmare. 


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VITMAMIN D3 - It's a vitamin most have heard of but yet one that many are deficient. Vitamin D is produced when our body is exposed to sunlight. Therefore it is important to get some daily sun (except if you have a medical condition prohibiting sun exposure). A good amount of daily exposure is around 20 minutes. For optimal absorption, it is advisable to expose the hands, feet, face and solar plexus. Vitamin D can also be found in whole eggs, milk, and of course in supplements. Optimal vitamin D blood levels are between 80-90 ng/mL.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE offers a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D supplement, featured above. 

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With summertime heat comes a flare that blazes an unhealthy loss of vitamins, such as
C and B, minerals such as zinc and iron – electrolytes; such as potassium and magnesium. These are elements that our body cannot do without, and when in short supply can become the root cause for a plethora of health complications, and even fatality.


To combat this summertime inevitability, a therapy that has and is becoming all the hotter with each passing season is Vitamin IV Therapy. For those who may not be aware of its concept allow us the opportunity to hydrate you with its basic understanding.


Vitamin IV Therapy is designed to optimally deliver vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes directly into the body in their purest form. This ensures greater levels of absorption and benefits felt within minutes. Over-the-counter, and pharmaceutical grade supplements, which we all should by now have grown to love, do inject our bodies with a healthy dose of these vital little health helpers. However, supplements are not always absorbed by the body as with IV therapy, and results are certainly not felt right away.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE offers our patients the purest and most comfortable 
Vitamin IV Therapy Treatments in the Coachella Valley

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Carbon 60 detoxifies the whole body at the cellular and mitochondrial levels supporting most cellular functions, including  joints, muscles, brain, kidney, and nerve function, athletic performance, stamina, and mental health.  

Greska’s Carbon-60 dietary supplement promotes better health, wellness, and quality of life.

Greska’s C60 fullerenes are considered to be the world’s most efficient free radical scavenger by providing electrons to help reduce oxidative stress, and inflammation which can cause most health issues and aging.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE offers our patients the purest detoxifiers in the
Coachella Valley

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A clinically-studied formulation, 12Day Prostate Health for Men is designed as an all-natural BPH treatment. It contains the active ingredient Oenothein B+ (patent pending), extracted from Epilobium plants. Not only is this an effective reductase inhibitor and hormone balancing agent, it reduces inflammation and has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties.

When taken regularly, 12Day Prostate Health for Men helps soothe prostate inflammation, returning normal urinary tendencies in men. The result is an effective prostate enlargement treatment that helps control frequent urination or urinary incontinence.

DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE offers our patients the purest anti-inflammatory supplements in the Coachella Valley

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